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Our active involvement in customer service, finance operations to coordinating plans and discussions for achieving optimal results has played a crucial role in making Latogo an excellent platform for providing the best online german language course among tons of platforms out there.

About us - Latogo

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Our Story

Dedicated to keeping students at its centre since its foundation, Latogo today, has become a popular online platform preferred by German language learners worldwide. We believe providing courses of German language by applying innovative methods.

Building this platform for offering online German language courses was a unique decision as digitalization is revolutionizing all the sectors and education is the largest beneficiary of this digital world.

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Meet Our Head Instructors

Our head instructors make the online German language courses interactive, interesting, focused, and life-relevant.

Live online German Language Classes with Latogo


Exploring different cultures and languages is my hobby. And, teaching German language while applying the life experiences and things I learnt in different cultures makes my classes more interactive and productive.

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I possess 15 years of experience and my passion is to help students learn German language in a fun and easy way. I have gained professional expertise in German language through accomplishing foreign language certifications, internships, and teaching experience in Germany’s biggest institute.

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Online German teachers


I am a professional tutor and have been working in this field for several years now. I love my job to develop students’ proficiency in the German language, introduce them to different German-speaking cultures, and prepare students for different career prospects.

Online German teachers


I have 10 years of teaching experience in German language. My desire to explore different cultures and Latin American studies has piqued more interest for German language over years. Now, I love to share this knowledge to the students.

Why We?

Privacy at Latogo

Privacy & Security

Latogo includes security mechanisms to protect its students and their resources. The site-wide and privacy policies are defined in accordance with GDPR.

Latogo team

The Team

Our team is always there for the German language community around the world may it be a day or night, weekend or weekday. Our native speaking talented and qualified teachers are proficient in developing students’ niche for German language. Their innovative teaching methods are key in developing students’ confidence to speak German fluently within days.

Latogo Certification


Our beginner to advanced level courses are CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) aligned.  

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Latogo offers you grand rewards if students or any group of individuals subscribe through your reference. The offer comes with exciting monetary benefits. Also, subscribers can avail customised language learning courses of Latogo.

German A1.1
A1.1 Break through
German A1.2

A1.2      Break through

German A2.1

A2.1      Speak it

German A2.2

A2.2      Speak it

German B1.1

B1.1      Slide through

German B1.2

B1.2      Slide through

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