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Worry Less, Learn Smart: Try These Unique Ways to Improve German Speaking Skills

Worry Less, Learn Smart: Try These Unique Ways to Improve German Speaking Skills

Are you among those concerned about improving your German speaking skills and looking for the best online German language course? This post will help you get started with the top 7 unique ways to improve your German-speaking skills. While learning a new language, it is usually seen that the main weakness of the learners is “SPEAKING”.

German learners are no exceptions in this case. This makes them want to learn German online with native teachers. Let us understand how to make the most of these below-mentioned 7 useful techniques to improve German speaking:

1) Use the Shadow Technique –

A significant method while pursuing German language lessons is “SHADOWING”. Shadowing means repeating the dialogues or sentences as you hear them from the native people.

This technique helps in creating all the neural connections within your brain to form sentences and words accurately yet swiftly without taking much time to retrieve the words of the German language. Shadowing can be done with the ease of sitting at home, e.g., while watching films or listening to German songs.  

2) Use Dictionaries –

Despite having a plethora of tools available for German a1 and German b1 students to learn and improve German speaking, the dictionary remains the most classic resource to make use of. For those who learn the German language online, the dictionary will be useful for not only translating the meaning into English but will also assist in understanding the usage of German words.

Dictionaries also have synonyms and antonyms of the word you are searching for meaning for, which inherently helps in learning more new words. 

3) Read it aloud –

Online German teachers always emphasize the power of reading aloud. The reason behind loud reading is that it enhances not only your speaking skills but also your listening skills. The more you read aloud, the more swiftly you will be able to grasp the German language.

Try re-reading a text or sentence and speeding up slowly. Continuous practice will help you achieve fluency.  

4) Speak with your pets, toddler or even your plants –

This method might sound silly, but the primary focus here is to overcome the hesitation and make your mouth move to enrich your German speaking skills practically. 

Wondering, why you should speak to plants, pets or babies? It does help because of the fact that if you speak to them, they won’t judge you. Speaking to someone who is not being judgmental of you eventually makes your speaking fluent in the process.

Of course, speaking to your toddler, plants, or pets will not help you rectify your mistakes, but that isn’t much to stress about. For the time being, the best way to improve your German speaking is to simply practise in any way you can! This will make you overcome your nervousness and apprehension about speaking publicly with the native Germans.

5) Listen to Your Own Voice –

Record your voice while speaking German and assess it. Listening to your voice recording will be strange and weird, especially while learning a foreign language like German.

You can sing a German song of your choice and record it. While listening to the audio recording of your voice, it might feel cringy to you. But believe it or not, this is one of the most powerful methods to analyze the loopholes in your spoken German and can help to achieve fluency and accuracy in due course of time.

6) Word-picture Memory Game –

Invite your native German friends on an evening and sharpen your German vocabulary while playing the Word-picture memory game. This game is all about finding the relevant counterpart to a particular image or word. You have to assign the correct image to each word, and also have to save the pictures in your brain which essentially enhances your memorization process.

Improving German speaking skills like this becomes much more fun!

7) Convert Your Phone’s Language –

We often indulge in our phones every now and then. Change your phone’s or the most used device’s language into German. This habit can be most efficiently used to optimise German learning.

All of the unique yet interesting methods listed above will aid in enriching your speaking skills in the German language. All you need to do is put in the required time and effort to attain fluency.


German A1.1
A1.1 Break through
German A1.2

A1.2      Break through

German A2.1

A2.1      Speak it

German A2.2

A2.2      Speak it

German B1.1

B1.1      Slide through

German B1.2

B1.2      Slide through

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