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Top 7 fun methods to Learn German Language

Top 7 fun methods to Learn German Language

The German language can be difficult to master, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a torment for you. In fact, by taking advantage of the fun resources you can find online, you can learn the German language much faster than you might expect. 

Here are some fun tips to help you improve your German language skills in no time!

The Buddy System –

Put together a buddy system with a classmate to review weekly. Having a friend or family member who can help you study does make a whole new difference. You’ll be more likely to show up for a scheduled time, less likely to stress and procrastinate, and more likely to keep on lagging when it gets tough.

It’s also helpful because learning a new language is often isolating —unless you have someone else in your class with whom you can practice speaking skills, who wants some extra help themselves (or just to hear about what you learned). That’s why it is so much essential if you have a friend or family member who is learning alongside you; at least one of you will almost always be available while reviewing flashcards!

Playing Games in German – 

Games are a great way to learn German and help you build upon everything you’ve learned in class. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to use games as part of your learning plan, here are a few pointers:

Traditional board games such as Monopoly, Risk, or Settlers of Catan—can be fun ways for friends and family members of all ages (even young children) to practice German together. And it doesn’t matter if you are not that much fluent in German when you start playing! Well before the game starts, everyone in your group will be shouting out commands like “Gib mir den Würfel”!

Watching YouTube Videos in German –

One of the favourite ways to learn German is by watching YouTube videos made by online German teachers. Here are the reasons why: YouTube has vlogs that teach German; it also has native music videos and music channels.

You can easily find the music you love and get familiar with many regular usage terms in German. Not only will you pick up on these words, but you’ll also start hearing how native speakers speak German too!

Listening to German Music –

Online German language courses are a good way to start learning German if you’re trying to learn German. Check out podcasts and YouTube videos, which can supplement in-person lessons.

Listening to music is another activity that can help to improvise your listening & comprehension skills; Vergissmeinnicht by Rammstein, for example, is an excellent song with German lyrics.

Reading Books in German –

It is probably not a surprise that reading is one of our favorite ways to learn. And because most German books are written in a more colloquial style than you find in American books, they’re great for expanding your vocabulary and making you aware of the different German styles of writing. While selecting a book, opt for anything that looks or sounds interesting to you.

Take an Online Course –

These days, there are countless resources on online platforms like Latogo available for those interested in learning a new language. It has never been much easier to take an online course and immerse yourself in another culture’s colloquialisms.

Online courses aren’t necessarily going to be able to offer you a formalized credential, but they will give you a chance to explore and engage with other people who are learning your target language – so that you can learn together!

Learning a new language requires diligence and attention, but it’s also fun! With this in mind, we’ve put together some tips to help you learn German language online while enjoying the experience.

German A1.1
A1.1 Break through
German A1.2

A1.2      Break through

German A2.1

A2.1      Speak it

German A2.2

A2.2      Speak it

German B1.1

B1.1      Slide through

German B1.2

B1.2      Slide through

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