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The secrets to bilingualism during early childhood

The secrets to bilingualism during early childhood

One of the most popular languages to learn these days is German for good reason. As one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and spoken by native speakers in four countries, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in learning German language lessons, particularly with an eye toward the job market or world travel. 

Discover Why You Should Teach Your Kids Bilingualism –

Teaching your kids bilingualism doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply teach them another language from their childhood, like enrolling into German language course and you can both have fun doing it! 

When children are taught two languages from an early age, they develop cognitive skills that make learning other languages much easier later in life. 

What’s more, there are even a few other benefits of teaching bilingualism to your children; read on to learn about all of them!

What if both parents speak different languages?

Learning two languages from birth has been proven to be more effective than learning just one language at a young age. Wondering why? For children to learn any language, they need to identify and make sense of sounds (called phonemes) that are different from their native language. 

The more languages they hear, the better their ability becomes. When it comes to bilingual families, parents should actively speak both languages.

Should we learn the language together as a family?

Many parents ask themselves whether or not it’s a good idea to learn the language together as a family. Will we able to understand each other’s thoughts? Can we use the language correctly? Our answer is: YES, of course!

 It may even be easier for children to learn a second language when they have some help from their parents. Just try it out and see how you like it. The progress of learning a new language will be hands-on!

Why is learning a foreign language important?

In today’s globalized world, it is of utmost importance for children (and adults) to know to speak a foreign language. It gives them an advantage in career opportunities and broadens their cultural awareness as well. 

But do you know how best can you teach your child? There are several options available to learn the German language onlineIf you are one of the learners, you may visit one of the popular online language learning sites like Latogo.

What if our kids pick up our accent when they start speaking another language?

It has always been assumed that if we raise our kids in a foreign language, they’ll adhere to their mother tongue accent when they start speaking it. But new research shows that’s not true.

 A study published in the Journal of Child Development found that kids tend to pick up more non-verbal mannerisms from their parents, like a smile or a certain way of walking, but they don’t mimic accents while learning another language.

When and how can we help our children with their pronunciation?

According to one study, over 30% of our pronunciation habits are developed during childhood. So if we want our children to pronounce German correctly, or any other foreign language (not with our own mother tongue accent!), we should assist our kids to develop good pronunciation skills at an early age. The younger our children are, the easier it will be for them to learn proper German a new language pronunciation.

No matter in whichever corner of the world you are right now, it’s never too late to learn a new language. The younger you start, the easier it will be to speak more than one language. This makes perfect sense when you consider that your brain isn’t fully developed until you’re about 25 years old, which means you have ample opportunity to pick up new languages in your younger years and preserve them well into adulthood.

German A1.1
A1.1 Break through
German A1.2

A1.2      Break through

German A2.1

A2.1      Speak it

German A2.2

A2.2      Speak it

German B1.1

B1.1      Slide through

German B1.2

B1.2      Slide through

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