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Learn what you really need to speak German

  • Become Master the German Language at Levels A1, A2, B1, B2
  • Experts Level Mentors and Trainers for Online Training
  • Special Preparation for TELC and Goethe Certification

Trial Class: First private 45 min class for only 5 $  You save up to 27 $

Learn German Online

    “I always thought German is a complicated language, but thanks to the teacher at Latogo, it’s possible and even fun to learn.”

    Learn German with Latogo

    Sasha from Russia, learns German with Latogo



    Build your career and meet your goals with our online German classes

    Our native and qualified teacher will make you speak from the very first lesson

    Live online german classes

    High standards

    Our beginner to advanced level courses are CEFR aligned.

    German language course

    Flexible classes

    You book your classes the way they fit best for you

    German language course

    Speak, Speak, Speak

    Our native speaking and qualified teachers will make you speak from the very first class

    We have the package that suits your needs.

    Classes start from just 22$ / private class

    Live online German classes

    Natalia from Argentina, learns German with Latogo


    “With Latogo I could understand and say some sentences in German within very short time. I would never have expected that.”

    That's why Latogo is the best choice for you:

    You can schedule your classes 24/7 on a completely flexible basis

    You will develop a strong relationship to your teacher/ mentor that tap into your passion. Curious how it works?

    In our 1:1 classes, you can choose the topics and areas of focus that are important to your everyday life.

    Our native-speaking teachers immerse you in everyday situations.

    We offer an all-in-one course with presentations, quizzes, texts, videos and printable books according to the CEFR

    It’s our mission to make you speak German with confidence

    Learning German is very individual. We place our students at the center and offer what they need.

    What do our students say?

    Don't wait! Book your first class for 5 $!

    and get these results within 3 months

    Fluency 71%
    Opportunities 90%
    Retention 98%
    Prepared for Higher Studies 80%
    German A1.1
    A1.1 Break through
    German A1.2

    A1.2      Break through

    German A2.1

    A2.1      Speak it

    German A2.2

    A2.2      Speak it

    German B1.1

    B1.1      Slide through

    German B1.2

    B1.2      Slide through

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