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How to become a teacher for the German language?

How to become a teacher for a German language?

Becoming a teacher is an admirable and rewarding career, and it is also a difficult one, with many hoops to jump through before having your classroom. Getting a German language lessons from a proper teacher who has the knowledge is important. Therefore, the following points will give you an extended look on what is to be done to become a German language teacher.

What are the main steps to go through?

  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree. Suppose you are thinking about becoming a German teacher. In that case, likely, you have already obtained your bachelor’s degree in another field of study – an area like teaching English as a second language (TESOL), education or even linguistics. 

However, suppose this is not the problem. In that case, there are several programs available to get yourself started on the right track towards achieving your goal of teaching students all over Germany. 

  • Complete a Master’s Degree Program. If you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in an area of study that is not directly related to teaching German as either a first or second language – for example, if you majored in history or political science instead – then there are still options available for continuing at least one step further towards becoming certified by the state and being able to teach students with no experience whatsoever. 
  • Obtain a TEFL Certification or Join an Internship Program. Even though you will have graduated with your master’s degree, there are still some additional steps to take before receiving certification by the state and entering into full-time positions as German language teachers at significant universities around Germany. 

One option is obtaining either 120 hours of teaching experience via completing an official training course through IALF (International Association of Language Centers) – their online courses can be accessed on their website here which costs approximately $700 but only takes about two weeks to complete; alternatively, if you want something more intensive then you can join one of several internship programs offered inside international schools around Europe where students aged 15-19 are taught. 

These programs usually last about six months and include over 400 hours of classroom experience; they can also be paid positions, depending on where you work (for example in Germany).

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