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Class Policy

Happiness @ Latogo

It’s important to us that you have a positive experience in learning German with Latogo. If any issues arise, you should first try to resolve them directly with the teacher. If you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll find a way to make it right.

Cancellation & Refund

  • Latogo will not be responsible and will not refund any class credits for classes booked on the wrong dates or times.
  • If you need to travel between timezones, or there are regional timezone changes, it is your responsibility to book your classes accordingly.
  • Live-classes have to be scheduled at least 24h before starting.
  • If the teacher cancels a class in advance, you will receive a full refund. 
  • If the teacher misses a live-class, you will receive a full refund upon request.
  • If the start time of a class is rescheduled, you will receive a full refund upon request.
  • Canceling classes less than 24 hours in advance will result in loss of the credit, regardless of the circumstances.
  • You must attend no later than 10 minutes after the start of the class to count as attended. Attending afterward result in loss of credit.
  • If you do not attend a class due to reasons for which Latogo is not responsible (may it be health, job, technical, personal, or any other), Latogo will not refund the class.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure a stable internet connection and the required technical settings such as a microphone or speakers.
  • If problems occur on Latogo’s side until 10 minutes after the start time of the class, you can leave the class and report the class issue (teacher no show/technical error) informing Latogo via email within 48 hours and we will refund accordingly your Credit.

Class Content

Latogo’s classes are objective, attractively designed, didactically connected, progressive, and relevant to teenagers and young adults. The material and topics are not knowingly related to personal religious or political beliefs or other objectionable content. If you experience something differently, contact us immediately.


When you confirm a live class was successful, you will also be asked to leave feedback and a rating for the teacher. Leaving feedback or rating is optional. However, if you do so, you agree that your feedback will not be used to artificially raise or lower a teacher's rating, commit fraud, spam, insult, harass, threaten, or enact intentional misuse.

German A1.1
A1.1 Break through
German A1.2

A1.2      Break through

German A2.1

A2.1      Speak it

German A2.2

A2.2      Speak it

German B1.1

B1.1      Slide through

German B1.2

B1.2      Slide through

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