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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Citizenship in Germany

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Citizenship in Germany

Germany is a country blessed with spectacular nature, beautiful landscapes, stimulating culture and traditions. Many foreign nationals from all corners the world visit Germany for work, higher studies, job seeking and travelling purposes.

Counted as one of the most powerful economies in the world, Germany is a wonderful place to live. Due to this, the German passport is reputed as the most powerful passport of the world. Why? It is because if you have a German passport, out of 193 nations you will be allowed to visit 188 countries in the entire world without a prior visa.  Not only this, you will be eligible to avail of top-notch medical facilities and pursue education from prestigious institutions.

Naturalization –

Those foreign nationals who have lived for more than 8 years in Germany on a PR (Permanent Residence) basis can obtain citizenship in German by naturalization. He/she should be capable to support themselves, and also own real estate or rent housing. These foreign nationals on PR basis should renounce the citizenship of other countries (if any). Fluency up to German b1 is compulsory.

By Birth –

A child born in Germany considered a German native is eligible to receive German citizenship if at least one of the parents is a German citizen.

By Adoption – 

All minor children who are adopted by German nationals are granted German citizenship.

By Marital Bond –

If the spouse of a foreign native is a legal citizen of German, then he/she will be eligible to apply for German citizenship after three years of living in Germany legally.

Benefits of German Citizenship –

Based on its robust economic strength, Germany proudly stands upfront globally having the highest standard of living. Since a German passport is considered as the best, there are certain benefits that comes along when you get citizenship in Germany. 


  • Having freedom of travel to 188 nations with a visa-on-arrival facility.
  • Excellent standard of living
  • Well-paid jobs
  • Outstanding and affordable education 
  • Able to move across UK/EU/EEA nations with very fewer constraints

Ways to Get Citizenship in Germany –

  • German language certification having proficiency up to level b1 is a must during apply for a German citizenship.  For this you can opt for the best online German language course and learn German language online with the help of online German teachers
  • Passing a citizenship test having 33 MCQs within 1 hour. There must be minimum 17 correct answers to pass the test. So be well aware of the politics, cultures, and traditions of Germany.
  • Candidate must have a clear police record.
  • There’s an 8-page form where the candidate applying for the German citizenship has to state his / her personal details, record of residence, financial data, and other important stuff.
  • You have to renounce citizenship of other countries (other than EU nations).
  • A candidate must abide by the law and legislation of the German constitution.
  • Paying the processing fee.

Always remember, getting citizenship in Germany is a time-consuming process due to its complex bureaucratic procedures. While thinking of potential destinations to live, study, work, and retire, if Germany has been in your bucket list, then have some patience, fulfil the eligibility criteria listed above, and get unrestricted access to become a German citizen.

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